Pete Collins - Founder and CEO

Pete got involved with the Mozilla project in April 1999 as a contributor to the Editor module. He was also the first external developer to start documenting XUL. His initial efforts were a remote, web enabled script editor and a community driven rewrite of the existing Mozilla UI, a project later named Aphrodite.

In January 2000, he joined with David Boswell and the Alphanumerica team (later Collabnet). Together they evangelized Mozilla as a viable Application Platform through the many projects they created and Mozilla developer meetings they organized.

He moved on to become a software engineer employed by WorldGate Communications Inc, working on customizing Mozilla for their TV Internet Client Software. He is the co-founder of a site dedicated to Mozilla based projects. He is a regular Mozilla contributor and owner of various Mozdev projects including JSLIB.

Pete is one of the co-authors of the O’Reilly book Creating Applications with Mozilla.