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The Mozdev Group team is committed to promoting the wider adoption of the Mozilla application platform. This includes the delivery high quality solutions for the application needs of businesses who would like to adopt cutting-edge, standards compliant software.

Mozdev Group, Inc. is run by a group of dedicated individuals, who not only have entensive experience in Mozilla Application Development, but are committed to enhancing, promoting, and using the technologies contained therein to create top quality standards based applications.

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Pete Collins - Founder and CEO

Pete got involved with the Mozilla project in April 1999 as a contributor to the Editor module. He was also the first external developer to start documenting XUL. His initial efforts were a remote, web enabled script editor and a community driven rewrite of the existing Mozilla UI -- a project later named Aphrodite.

In January 2000, he joined with David Boswell and the Alphanumerica (later Collabnet) team. Together they evangelized Mozilla as a viable Application Platform through the many projects they created and Mozilla developer meetings they organized.

He moved on to become a software engineer employed by WorldGate, working on customizing Mozilla for their TV Internet Client Software. He is the co-founder of mozdev.org a site dedicated to Mozilla based projects. He is a regular Mozilla committer and owner of various Mozdev projects including jslib and xptk, the cornerstones to the MozdevGroup product range.

Pete is one of the co-authors of the O’Reilly title ‘Creating Applications with Mozilla

Jan Varga - Sr Engineer

Jan has contributed to Mozilla for several years. At his University, he authored a thesis which included client development based on XUL (the XML application used in Mozilla to describe the User Interface). Jan then joined Netscape to work on Mozilla. There he worked on many projects, including reducing the memory requirements and speeding up the whole product. He also worked on Netscape 7.1 where, amongst other things he implemented the automatic image resizing and improved the bookmark management.

Jan lives in Ruzomberok, in Slovak Republic and speaks Slovak and English.

Jim Massey - Engineer

Jim became interested in developing mozilla applications the day mozilla went open-source. His mozilla work has focused on developing tools for information terminals/kiosks user-interface implementation - the Kiosk Browser and assorted mozilla based tools. Additional kiosk development and deployment tools he has developed include the Kiosk Edition mozilla 1.4, Twm-Kiosk window manager, Gdm-Kiosk display manager and Systemperl thin client process manager. Most of these can be found at kiosk.mozdev.org

“I became interested in programming in the mid 1960’s when I saw a piece about the development of a new programming language usable by non mathematicians - BASIC”. He has developed programs for resource planning, industrial process control, inventory control and purchasing, postal mailing list correction and verification, a variety of web based cgi applications, information terminal development and deployment.

Programming languages he has used include Perl, C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Javascript, Java, Visual Basic, Basic and Turbo Pascal

Jim’s background includes: Journyman Sewing machine mechanic, factory manager and general manager, owner of an industrial sewing equipment service company, owner of a manufacturing company and of course program development and design.

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